Client Testimonials

Brendan did an amazing job of controlling and following up through the entirety of the process. He was not sitting on his heals waiting for action to be taken on either the buy or sell side. He had a plan in place for every step of the process and we followed it to the letter for two completely painless experiences that exceeded our expectations.

- Jason R.

Hands down I would not have asked to work with anyone else.

- Jason Hahn

So happy that Brendan has been there for us.  We couldn't be happier with his communication and extra attention since we made this purchase from Florida.  I look forward to meeting him in person.

- Gordon & Patricia Barnett

Very much appreciate all the work he put in. Highly recommend. Gave honest feedback and adapted to my requests promptly. 

- Nolan Myre

Brendan Burns is simply, the very best!  I am so thankful to have had the chance to work with him on finding our little cottage.  We are from out of state and had a very vague idea of what we were looking for, and yet Brendan stepped up and found us the perfect home!  His professional and personable style put me at ease from day one.  He goes above and beyond in making every decision and detail of finding and negotiating the perfect home as smooth and stress free as possible.  There was never a doubt that Brendan had our best interest in mind.  He is a rare find int he real estate world and an incredible asset to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

- Crystal Moore

Exceeded expectations I have for a Real estate Agent. I will be continuing to work with Brendan and that speaks louder than any words I could put here.

- Joe

Brendan had answers to all my questions, and I had a lot of them.  I'm a bit skeptical of Realtors in general; everyone thinks they can do it. You can tell Brendan is into the market /pricing research aspect of it; this was very important to me.  Additionally, his pre-sale activities checklist is a very useful tool when launching a property sale.  Overall, great work!  

- Kevin O'Connor

Brendan was always accommodating no matter how much driving was involved. He's a very personable guy that makes you know that he's on your side.

- Michael Carr

So amazing... Brendan Burns went hours and hours out of his way to personally walk every property we were interested in. Loved the VIP service.  

- Laura Teal

Brendan was an excellent realtor! He helped our family navigated through the process of selling our house as well as the purchase of another one. He expertly balanced mine and my husband's differing priorities and wants for our new house, and helped us work through those differences to find the perfect house for both of us. His dedication, patience and commitment helped make this entire process enjoyable and less stressful. We are so lucky to have had Brendan as our realtor and we look forward to working with him again in the future!

- Kendra Runung

Brendan was extremely patient while we searched for our home. This market can be frustrating and I always felt like he was on my team. He helped us know what was worth visiting and how competitive our offer should be work. I would recommend him to anyone searching for a home! 

- Krista Spurgin

I had a not-so-good experience with my first agent; I think the first agent was a bit stretched because he was in Evergreen and I was considering both Denver area and Colorado Springs (on one level it was difficult to have to leave the area). While I had the first agent, I found Brendan when I sent an inquiry on a property and Brendan seemed very pleasant and helpful.  When  I terminated my relationship with the first agent, I asked for Brendan's help.  Brendan is very down to earth and honest/forthright, both of which I really appreciated. He always let me look at a home without engaging in a commentary with me at the same time. I appreciated that so  I could focus 100% on seeing if a home was the right one for me. He did come to understand my needs quite fast and was helpful in that area. And I always knew if I asked him a question, I would get an honest response (such as how to remove cigarette smoke from a home). Many times he went out of his way for me, before and after the purchase. He showed me homes in both north Denver area and Colorado Springs (as I was feeling pulled in both directions).. What really helped me (yet surprised me too) was after I had purchased a home but before closing, I received word that my employer was making some significant changes. I did not know right away if it would impact my job or not, but I explained to both Brendan and my mortgage lender. I was really surprised when Brendan was understanding and said I could have the time I needed to understand the impact (my employer was having a board meeting about 2 weeks after the announcement).  Brendan's selflessness at that point took a load off my shoulders, giving me the time I needed. I knew if I backed out of the purchase, Brendan would not get any money. It really touched me that he held my needs over his own (the money he would get from the purchase). He was also there for me several other times when I was super stressed from the closing process or the requirements or post purchase disappointments (owner leaving junk and not cleaning).. I kept thinking: he is going to get upset at me over this (my current stress/frustration I was voicing in email). But he was always calm, professional, and very helpful.    He really did excel at servicing me! I am grateful he was there for me throughout the process and stood behind me when the going got tough for me. 

- Annie Matula